Monday, September 19, 2016

Running Fun

Hello my name is Mary. I love to run! I started three years ago because of my sister Ruby. My team and I won second in city last year. When you run in the cold, breezy morning you feel like flying! I count how many SPX girls I pass. When you run by your parents and your friends’ parents you want to smile and laugh! Finally you are about 5 feet from the finish line……. And you run through proud and hard! You take a deep breath of relief and collapse on the ground. “From CKS, the runner up and the WINNER are Mary and Evy!” the announcer said. We walk up with our heads held high! CKS friends and family cheer loud and proud. When the evening is over I lay on my bed smiling. I was so happy that I joined the CKS cross country running team! And so should you!